The specifics of the real estate market in Singapore

FontanV Singapore's highest standard of living in Asia (11 in the world) and the economy, which is defined as the most favorable in the world to do business, it becomes clear why foreign investors are investing huge amounts of money, buying property in Singapore. But, the real estate market in the country has a number of features to be aware of before selecting an object for purchase, and carefully weigh whether the property is needed. house land packages

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Buy real estate and become full owner in Singapore can not be

Buy property can only be 100 years old. If the present owner bought the property for 100 years, and 25 years later it decided to sell, the next owner will be able to buy it at a lower cost, but at 75 years old. The shorter the period of ownership housing, the less will it cost. On the tenure of 5 to 20 years of housing can be purchased for very little money. After the term of the lease tenure expires, new housing is available for sale - 100 years and the total cost.

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